Dad's Birthday 2010

Dad's, Grandpa's, or Great Grandpa's (depending on who you are) birthday. Katie cooked a delicious dinner (meatloaf, baked potatoes, Waldorf salad,carrots, green salad (thanks to Maggie), rolls, and apple pie for dessert. With the smells and in anticipation of a great dinner I took a picture of the table before everybody got sat down and was too busy eating to get a picture of those lucky enough to be there: Joanne, Maggie, Chris, Tom, Paula, Katie, and Dad.

Tom and Paula had spent the weekend visiting Erik, Laura, and their grandkids and had just made the trip back over the mountains.

It seems like quite awhile since I've used my camera and so I missed the first stanza of "Happy Birthday". I think Tom made up for this at the end...