Lusa's Page

Lusa Thorleifson Ellington Born

born December 4, 2011

Two days old!

How time flies

THURSDAY--Well, I was sitting around the house when I got a call from Jey. Hmmm, I always enjoy talking with Jey and wonder what's up. "Hello, Chris, this is Jey and I wanted you to know that it looks like Betsy has gone into labor and the contractions are six minutes apart." What?!? She isn't due until the 16th and based on Britta's experiences the baby just has to come when we want it to, doesn't it? Jey assured me that everything was going fine and that his job was to keep Betsy hydrated and calm. He also said that Julia would give us a call when there was more information. Wait a minute, I should have suggested Skype! Wouldn't that be great? Well, maybe not so great. I'll wait for the call.

I call Maqggie. Maggie's excited. Maggie gets home. We wait. And wait. I think we should not wait up. Maggie agrees and we go to bed.

FRIDAY--Morning and no baby. What's going on? Who's in charge here? I guess we know the answer to that one. So Maggie goes to work and I run the errands scheduled for the day. It gets dark here so it's three hours darker in Brooklyn, right? We hear that it's going slowly and Jey and Betsy are trying to rest. I can empathasize and so think of things to do...

SATURDAY--Well, it appears that everybody has made it through the night in the same place that they started. Got a text stating that Jey and Betsy are ready to have the baby. I'm thinking they've been ready for awhile. Had a thought that if baby is born today you will always be able to count on him/her. Most of my thoughts need an explanation - here goes: December 3 would be 12 3. Perish the thought that this tyke would want to stick around until tomorrow, but if so, then I'd have to say something about the 12 4 numbers as they are powers of two. There is no truth to the rumor that Tom wants baby to wait until his birthday.

SUNDAY--Got a text saying that Betsy has been in more intense labor since 11 PM Saturday night. It's about 6:30 am here and contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and midwife is on the way. Maggie and I sleep in, have breakfast, sit and talk and are doing some things around the house when a very familiar voice (on the phone) says that I am a Grandpa again! I found Maggie and Betsy announced that her daughter, Lusa Thorleifson Ellington Born, was born December 4th at 2:19 pm, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz, and is 21 inches. Hooray!!!