Lusa's Page

Today we must have been energized by those tasty New York bagels (or a good night's sleep?) because this day was a busy one!

First of all, we got the call that Betsy and Jey were up before 9 AM! Remember that we're still running on Pacific Daylight time so that's 6 AM. Of course we were over there in a minute and I started making up for the paucity of pictures from the other day. Our itinerary for the day included:

  1. A trip to Nine Cakes Bakery.
  2. Hot chocolate at some fancy place that Betsy and Jey know about.
  3. Spontaneous observation of this very cool art project across the street from the hot chocolate place.
  4. The base of Brooklyn Bridge.
  5. Another spontaneous observation of the final project from a college art class.
  6. A visit from the New York grandparents, Terry and Pete.

I can't believe we did all of this in one day!

We loaded up the car and took off for the bakery. I am still amazed that it's only a few miles away, but because of Prospect Park and some construction, it took us a little less than half an hour to get there. It was an awesome experience to see THE bakery that Betsy has been creating! Jey was responsible for a lot of the little and not so little projects (like the planter box in front of the bakery) that help make it cute and inviting.

Nine Cakes
155 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231 (347) 907-9632

Oops, didn't get a picture of the hot chocolate place, I guess there's now another reason to go back for another visit!

On the opposite side of the street was an intriguing, ongoing work of art

I found this project fascinating both because I have never thought of assigning a color to my mood nor doing this on a daily basis for years. The first image above links to the site and the panorama image links to the site. Since I work with numbers more than colors, I was curious what the "average" color would look like. With a little help from a spreadsheet I came up with the average color's hex value: #9e8c73 which looks like this:

Jey, Betsy, Maggie, and (tucked away in the stroller) Lusa.

Looking upriver I pieced together three pictures (well, actually Photoshop did all the work) showing the Manhatten Bridge, and Maggie, a native New Yorker.

And here's proof that I was there, too.

Jey and Betsy take a break and try out some "furniture". This was created as the culminating project for an art class. The students designed the furniture and then cut piece after piece of cardboard, which were glued together. The students asked people to sit on them and give them feedback as to its comfort and any other suggestions.

Grandma Terry stopped by and had a turn with Lusa, waiting for Pete to get off work. He finally made it, after a long train ride, but everybody was so tired we said "hi" and then "goodnight". Shana was also there but even the camera must have been tired as all of the rest of the pictures are blurry.