Lusa's Page

Maggie and I decide to go on an adventure today, leaving Jey, Betsy, and Lusa home to have some quiet time. Maggie had a short list of things she wanted to see in the city and Jey assured us it would be no problem to navigate our way there on the train. I believed him but listened closely as he explained the "B" line and the "Q" line as well as how streets run east/west and avenues run north/south. Hmm, just like at home, except we don't have as many streets and no subways. So, off we went and Jey was right. No problems at all.

Our first destination was the tree at Rockefeller Center. We found it, walked a little ways into the plaze, saw the ice skaters and took a picture of the tree. From our vantage point (and at first look at the picture) the tree doesn't seem very big, being dwarfed by all of the buildings around it. If you look more closely you'll see how tall the people are who are close to the tree. Big tree. I wonder how many cords of wood a person could get after they take it down? We didn't have time to walk all around the plaza as there were more places we wanted to see.

From Rockefeller Center it was a short distance to St. Patrick's Cathedral. This was the only time that it seemed crowded.

We went into the cathedral and walked partway towards the front and sat down. I couldn't believe how huge this was. I knew that cathedrals were supposed to be big, but this was enormous! I guessed that it was 100 yards long, but looked it up and found out it is 400 feet!

I wished that I had taken better pictures and then realized that there would be some on the internet. If you're interested in a 360 degree view then check out this site. I secretly hoped that somebody would decide that this was a good time to practice their music on the pipe organ, but realized that there will need to be some planning on the next trip to see about concerts.

We headed out and continued our way up Fifth Avenue, passing by all of the "famous" stores. It was really hard for anybody back home to hear that we were in New York City and did not even go into any of these stores. However, we did make a slight deviation from our next destination: Central Park. As we got close to the park I noticed a very familiar logo and asked Maggie if we could take a few minues and go into the Apple store. She agreed and down we went.

Down? Yep. The entrance looked like a very large glass cube, with a cylindrical elevator that took people from sidewalk level down to the store. There was also a winding staircase that wound its way down, going around the elevator.

I copied both pictures off the internet (without the crowd of people around). The second is from the store looking up.

Maggie and I were going to take the elevator back up, but there were too many people and Central Park awaited.

Central Park was just across the street. Maggie wanted a hot dog (on her list of things she wanted to do) but I wasn't hungry. She got one, loaded with everything but catsup, I think. As we walked into the park I continually thought of all the movies made that in some way used places from here. We walked to the skating rink (and both recalled scenes from the movie "Serendipity"). I am amazed at the juxtaposition of the peaceful skating rink so close to the hustle and bustle of the city.. Looking at the clock we then headed on a short loop back out to catch the train home. I looked for the bench and covered arch from "I'm Not Rappaport" but realized it had to be further into the park.

This was a fantastic day but the real treat was waiting for us back at Jey and Betsy's.