Lusa's Page

Lusa, looking very comfy with Jey.

Jey multi-tasking. What a natural!

Christmas Eve day. Maggie and I got to go along to Chris and Paula's for what I believe to be an annual event; I just don't know for how many years. In order to solve the dilemma of how to move six people in a car designed to hold five, it was decided to make one trip, with one lucky person getting to hunker down in the way back. We drew straws and Shana made the mistake of actually drawing one. Since the rest of us didn't draw any straws, Shana was the lucky winner and got packed into the back, along with everything else we were taking. We made it there and home again with no problems nor comlaints.

On the menu was roast duck (my first time with roast duck... it was excellent) and oh my goodness I forget all of the other yummy things we had up until dessert. Dessert was your choice of pie or rum cake. To make the cake sparkle, there was a not-so-light "drizzle" of rum on the cake (there might have been a little rum still left in the bottle afterwards). Well it sparkled and was delicious! Chris and Paula's hospitality was outstanding and included gifts for us! Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Chris gets an opportunity to hold Lusa.

Paula wasn't camera shy, but her niece Nasia was. Here Paula is Skyping with Nasia, showing off Lusa.