Lusa's Page

Christmas Day. I think it was my first Christmas ever away from my home. What a great day! Maggie and I got up early as Betsy was making breakfast. Cinnamon rolls. Oh yes! She also cooked up some other stuff, but everybody agreed that there could have been a triple recipe of cinnamon rolls. Maybe this should be added to the list at NineCakes.

It was a great morning. After breakfast we 'wandered' into the living room and noticed that there were some presents under the tree for Lusa. While Betsy took care of Lusa, Jey opened her presents. We were also surprised to have some presents under the tree that found their way all the way from Portland, OR! Maggie and I enjoyed opening those, as well as the presents that were hidden away in our suitcases for the trip out. It was a really fun way to spend Christmas morning!


And then it was time to go "over the river and through the woods" to Terry and Pete's for some little gathering that they apparently have every year. We got there early as they shared presents with Jey, Betsy, Lusa, and Maggie and me. What a treat!

After the presents, we were offered a drink. Pete stood up, faced me and said, "I went to Scotland to celebrate a friend's fiftieth birthday five years ago and on my way home I bought a bottle of Scotch to save for a very special occasion. I think that today is that special occasion; would you like a drink?" I felt honored to be included on that occasion. And the scotch was superb.

As the guests/friends started to arrive I noticed that many of them happened to bring a gift for Lusa. And most of them wanted to hold Lusa. I tried to get around and take pictures of everybody, but eventually was unable to do so as there were close to thirty people. Well, I probably could have if I would have coerced Betsy to keep Lusa in one spot, but Grandma Terry was also taking turns showing off Lusa and so I decided I didn't have to try to get a picture of everybody. If you're looking at this and were there and don't see a picture of yourself holding Lusa, I apologize. (PS send me a picture and I can add it to this page.)

Jey, his Aunt Jeanette, Betsy, and Lusa


Jey, Jeanette, Pete, Betsy, Terry, and Lusa


Pete and Lusa


Ronni and Lusa


Fran and Lusa


Shelley and Lusa


What a great time that was. My "trigger" finger must have gotten tired, because I didn't even get pictures of all the great food that was served. And, again, my apologies to all of those who were there and didn't get their picture displayed.


But the day was not over yet. Now it was back across the bridge to Brooklyn and (another) dinner; this one prepared by Betsy. We had an opportunity to meet Kerry and another chance to visit with Shana.

This was a long and fun-filled day. A very different (for me) Christmas but I absolutely loved the breakfast, the gifts, the trip to the city, the party, the dinner(s), and all the friends of Jey and Betsy that we got to see.

Kerry, Shana, and Lusa