Lusa's Page

Today was the last day of our trip. It will be hard to leave (softened by a promise to visit in February) and it will be good to get home. We were lucky, however, as our plane didn't leave until later in the afternoon, so we did get to spend a good portion of the day with Lusa, Jey and Betsy. Jey drove us to the airport and we had a long plane ride home, watching the movie, reading magazines, playing games on my iPhone, and trying to sleep.

We got back to the airport and caught the shuttle to our car. The battery was dead! Oh no, somebody had left the dome light on (that would be ME). Maggie called AAA but before they could get there one of the guys that drives the shuttle brought down a jumper battery and got us going. The rest of the trip was uneventful and we were, indeed, glad to be home.

Thank you to Jey, Betsy, Pete,Terry, Bradle, and Doug for all that each of you did to play a part in a great vacation trip to New York!