A Memorial for Edna Agnes (Wilson) Thorleifson



At the end of the year, all eighth graders were required to take state exams in all subjects and must pass them to be promoted to High School.

Our teacher, Mr. Jensen, had saved the questions from previous years. Any student could borrow any of the questions from any subject to review and study the answers. Sometimes when Mr. Jensen was busy with another class or a group of students, a small group of us, 3 or 4, would borrow a set of questions and go to the book closet to study together, The book closet was in the room and the lowest shelf was high enough so that we could sit on the floor under the shelf. We left the door open and thus had a small study group. This sounds very immature for eighth graders, but we did it and didn’t think anything unusual about it. We took turns asking and answering the questions. If one person did not know the answer, perhaps another person knew it. If not, we would get a text book or some other source and find the answer. We enjoyed that way of studying and I’m sure that it helped us get good grades in math, reading, writing, penmanship, history, geography, science, and agriculture, which were the subjects that the state required us to pass.